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Loan Modification Lender Contact Info

Many people often ask me if I can send them an exhaustive list of lender contact info to help them with their loan modification business. Unfortunately, I don't have that, and it%u2019s likely that no one will ever have that. There are literally thousands of different banks out there, many with multiple numbers and departments depending on the specific investor or region for any given loan.

To confuse matters more, lenders change numbers, create new departments, change processes and go out of business from time to time, especially these days as banks are cutting jobs and dealing with high volumes of defaults and mod requests. Plus banks get bought by other banks, sometimes keeping the old department and numbers, and sometimes not.

Long story short, compiling an accurate, up-to-date, and exhaustive list would be extremely difficult, if not impossible. You're better off just keeping your own current lender list and updating it as you go. Add to the list every time you have a client with a new lender. All the info will be on the mortgage statement and the website, and you can get specific department (i.e. Loss Mit, or Loss Mitigation, department) contact info from there. You should keep a lender contact spreadsheet to help you keep your files and communications organized.

All that said, however, here are a couple websites that have lists of contact info for many common banks. I've personally checked the links and called some of the numbers on these lists; some still work, while some don't. These links can be a good start for compiling your own list.

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