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Stop Foreclosure

Foreclosures are at an all time high and the feds who helped create the problem still have no solution. Private enterprise has a solution in the form of Loan Modifications. I work with a company who has been successful in convincing lenders to drop interest rates, decrease principals, and change terms for home owners.
Are your mortgage payments too high?
Any of these sound like your situation?
• Has your mortgage payment adjusted with no end in sight?
• Has the value of your house dropped?
• Are you depleting your 401k or your retirement account in order to make ends meet?
• Are you living off of credit?
• Have you experienced a job-loss?
• Are you in a negative amortization mortgage with your balance increasing to no end?
• Have you experienced a change in job or income?
• Are you worried about losing your home?
LoMo Means Financial Control LoMo is short for Loan Modification. It's is a process whereby a homeowner's mortgage is modified and both lender and homeowner are bound by new, negotiated terms. The most common loan modifications are:
• Lowered Interest Rate
• Reduced Principal Balance
• 'Fixing' Adjustable Interest Rates
• Increased Length of Loan Term
• Forgiveness of Payment Defaults & Fees OR any combination of these!
A loan modification is NOT a refinance. With a loan modification you do not need go through the costly steps that are required for a refinance. You do NOT need an appraisal, title or a credit check.
LoMo qualifications
If you are a homeowner who has experienced financial difficulties, you can qualify for a home loan modification.
• Decrease in home value
• Divorce/Separation
• Loss/Reduction of Income
• Illness
• Job Relocation
• Failed Business
• Military Service
• Other hardships
The bottom line: You will save money!
We may be able to help you reduce your house payments, just by negotiating your loan terms with your lender. Keep your house and reduce your payments!

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